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The domains are wholly owned digital properties of and by Premier Brokerage for Premium Domain Names to the Insurance Industry Professional.

Started by an insurance agent/strategist, who understood the importance to stand out online, level the playing field, and even get an edge in search engine placement while establishing authority on generic high search keyword terms.

Own the Exclusive Domain Name Rights to your own state's insurance exchange .com now and benefit every year for life! Many of these domains were acquired through acquisitions one by one, from as early as 2002 and all prior to Obamacare/ Affordable care act passed into law.

While each state has its own public insurance exchange, private insurance exchanges are poised to take over the largest market share.

Health Insurance-It's the law!

Every year people will be going to search engines online for private or public insurance exchanges in their respective states! ....Interested in owning the one and only state named insurance exchange for your state?


Guidance has been provided. Follow compliance provided to agents/brokers.

Is there a issue with having "exchange" domain? 

Each agent needs to be compliant with any state it solicits business. Rules by CMS are clear. Please reference the following:

45 C.F.R.155.220(c)(3)(vii),if an agent or broker assists a qualified individual with QHP selection through the agent, broker, or web-broker’s non-FFM website, a standardized disclaimer must be prominently displayed to indicate that the site is not the Health Insurance Marketplace website, and a link to the FFM website must also be provided.16

*16 CMS has proposed (described in proposed 45 C.F.R.155.220(i) of the 2015 Payment Notice) to provide SHOPs with flexibility, in states that permit such activity under state law, to permit agents and brokers to use an internet website to provide assistance to qualified employers and facilitate enrollment of qualified employees in SHOP QHPs, subject to the requirements of §155.220(c)(3).

Benefits and Advantages

OWNING A KEYWORD RICH DOMAIN has partnered with to release a handful of these premium domains.
While many we keep ourselves to develop, many will be too much for us to monetize now, and this is your opportunity.

For nearly a decade have assisted business owners by bridging the gap of marketing for sale high searched, exact match keyword rich domain website assets to suitable buyers. These businesses/buyers, benefit in acquiring and multiply the profitability of their business exponentially with increased 'bottom line' generated sales revenue via targeted traffic domains.

20 Reasons to Own a State insurance exchange/marketplace Domain?

20. Your domain says everything about you!
19. We only broker names that are "keyword terms" that people are searching for on search engines (Yahoo/Bing/Google). 
18. The owner with exact match will get the more clicks to site over specific business names, this in turn equates to more business.
17. Your website is your address on the web and it should be: Simple and Short, Easy to Remember-even Brandable!
16. No questionable spelling and is communicative person to person, radio or over phone
15. An Added Value Asset to your Company
14. Domain Exudes Credibility, Respect, Trust
13. Solid Premium Exact Match Domain Converts Consumer Confidence
12. Exact Match Domains are Higher Traffic and Higher Conversions
11. Means Exclusive Leads, type in traffic and less leads to buy from venders
10. Higher Profile over Competition 
09. Prevent Competition
08. Easier Rank on Search Engines like Google/SEO
07. Shows Authority vs. settling on a domain simply because it was available, or your company name no one is searching for. (if you're a new prospective client and don't know where to go, are you going to search for a particular company name you don't even know yet like "Bryant Bill Insurance" or are you more apt to search for generic search like "[my State] Insurance Exchange"?)
06. Descriptive: There's no second guessing what a company does when you possess keyword url. One time investment pays over and over and can be resold down the road for higher than purchased.
05. Literally potentially millions in population in your state searching for years to come.
04. Can be used for Adwords and be on top with paid ads, but pay less due to a high quality score in the domain
03. Perfect name for any agency for offering ACA Private since private exchange can offer both Private/Public health insurance
on or off exchange
02. Can provide more than only Health insurance with a domain that says "Insurance Exchange". (and there is and forever will only be one [State]!

Side note: If you're like many who say "We already have a website", you're missing the big picture. In order to get ahead you need to have at least one DESCRIPTIVE domain in order to compete in today's online market!

Why? If your domain doesn't say exactly what you don't stand out to new customers searching!
If you thought all the great domain names were're right!

Here's the most compelling #1 reason made by Google:

"Current customers likely search for your business by name, and as a result your Google listing shows up in their search results. But you're looking for new business, and prospective clients however, tend to search by topic and location, which is likely why you are not showing up in results."
Those hundreds of thousands to millions searching for an EXACT TERM every year has been proven to click on the exact match dot com to their search. PERIOD!

Who will own it you, will it be you... or your competition?
Act now or regret later: There is only one state insurance exchange dot com domain-Don't let this rare opportunity for a one time investment pass! Once sold it will be unlikely to EVER be on the market again.EVER!
Private health exchanges on the rise 

Insurers Flock to Private Exchanges

Hospitals Shift Strategies to Face Private Exchanges, Fast-Growing Retail Competition 

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